10 Gifts for the Dad Who Wants Nothing

Where would we be without dear old Dad? I happened to have gotten very lucky in the dad department, so when it’s time to give him a gift, I try to make it a good one. Still, he’s not always easy to shop for. Why? Because he sticks with the dad-classic line, “Aww, the only gift I need this year is time with you and the family.” It gets me every time (wiping away tears). If you’ve got a dad like this one, raise your hand. Grab a few of these great gifts for dad and show him the love.Continue reading


Halloween Gift Tags to Treat Everyone This Year

Halloween preparation is in full swing here.

I’ve planned our “Boo” bags, I’ve lined up our parties, I’ve bought our candy (first round, which will likely be eaten before the actual night), and the costumes are ordered. Speaking of parties, we’ll be taking a few bottles of wine, along with one batch of cupcakes, to a few parties this year. I am so excited because Halloween is EVERYTHING.

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Everything Else, Travel

10 Gifts for People Who Love to Travel

“All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost.” – J.R.R. Tolkien


Travelling anywhere is a gift, right? To pack your bags and go is one of the most exciting things in life. While nearly everyone I know loves to travel, some love it above all else. We’ve found a few wonderful gift ideas for people who love to travel that are sure to please the wanderers in your life.

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girl laying outside with skateboard
Birthday, Teens

10 Splendid Birthday Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

Ahh, teenagers. They’re awesome. Sure, they have a reputation as eye-rolling wonders who can’t put their phones down, and some of that is true. But in between the shrugs and eye rolls, there is a fantastic kid who is trying to find her way in this world. She deserves some patience when you can muster it, and she deserves some really cool gifts too. Check out this quick list of ten fantastic gift ideas for teen girls. Got better ideas? Let us know in the comments and we’ll include in an upcoming list.

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gifts for toddlers and preschoolers
Birthday, Holiday

6 Awesome Toddler and Preschooler -Approved Toys for You to Give

Kids are so super awesome, and they deserve super awesome gifts. Toddlers, however, are… tricky. They’re still super awesome, but they’re also not always easy to please. We have kids, we know what works. We think this list of gifts is spot on for any kid under the age of four. We tested this list of toddler gifts out recently (and left a few off the list that didn’t cut it).

Want to win the gift-giving game this time? Buy one of these toddler boy or toddler girl gifts and you will.

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Everything Else, New Pet

Gift Subscription Review – Barkbox

Need an easy gift idea for a new pet? Read on. I’m knee-deep in all things puppy. For a little over three weeks, my home has gone from zero dogs, to one delightful/cute/criminal/sweet sugar baby of a dog. From crates to toys, puppy pads to shampoo, let’s say I’ve bought it all. After all, if it’ll make my life any easier right now (because puppies are hard, y’all) I’ll buy it.Continue reading