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gifts to give printable
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Grab this Free Printable and Keep Track of All of Your Important Gifts to GiveFeatured

I have always struggled with keeping track of anniversaries and birthdays, and any other gift giving occasion. I hate the feeling of forgetting an important event, so I made myself a little cheat sheet, and I keep it in my planner so I’m never without it. Grab this gift giving printable and keep track of all the important gifts to buy this year!Continue reading

Christmas Planner Printable
Christmas / Winter Holidays, Printable & Organization

Grab this Christmas Planner Printable to Organize All the Little Things Left to Do

Inevitably, around oh, now, I start feeling a little overwhelmed. I panic that I’m forgetting something. I’m probably not forgetting anything, but the panic is there. As a frequent panicker (come on, you know it should be a word), I find it reassuring if I can just jot it all down. I tweaked a template in Canva to organize the tidbits that are left to do for Christmas (like make this cheap & easy gift). It’ll keep me relaxed, and I’ll feel even better as I check things off. Grab this Christmas Planner Printable below or make your own:Continue reading