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Favorite Grandchild Alert: 5 Fantastic Gift Ideas for Granddad

Pops. Papa. Granddaddy. No matter what you call your Granddad, you love him and want to show him by getting him the best gift ever. This is easier said than done. Like, really tough. Just like Dad, he’s easy to please and wants nothing but your time. Still, you want to get him something, right? Here are a few fantastic options when thinking of gift ideas for granddad:Continue reading


10 Gifts for the Dad Who Wants Nothing

Where would we be without dear old Dad? I happened to have gotten very lucky in the dad department, so when it’s time to give him a gift, I try to make it a good one. Still, he’s not always easy to shop for. Why? Because he sticks with the dad-classic line, “Aww, the only gift I need this year is time with you and the family.” It gets me every time (wiping away tears). If you’ve got a dad like this one, raise your hand. Grab a few of these great gifts for dad and show him the love.Continue reading