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Easy (and Perfect!) Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts to Give

The holidays are here, and I couldn’t be more excited. Now that Halloween is over (Boo), it’s time to think of Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving. Think about it, your favorite foods, your favorite people, and all day to just enjoy life and be grateful. If you’re not hosting, you’re likely attending, which means you need a Thanksgiving hostess gift in hand as you knock on the door. Never fear, this one’s easy.

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Easy Thank You Gifts to Express Your Gratitude

I’m trying to be better about saying thanks. From the tiny instances of someone holding the door to the bigger moments in the past of thanking my mom for being such an amazing force in my life. There’s something about gratitude that forces you to be mindful, isn’t there? Then there’s the whole having an “attitude of gratitude” thing that has real merit. When you decide to really live in gratitude, everything has the potential to change. In fact, by literally writing down one little (or big) thing I’m grateful for every day, I’m able to take a step back and really ground down into my life and appreciate everything in it. This got me thinking of how to express gratitude to others in meaningful (but easy!) ways. Here are 5 quick and easy thank you gifts to express your gratitude to someone.Continue reading

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Secure Next Year’s Invite with a Fool-Proof Thanksgiving Hostess Gift

There is no greater feat than holding a Thanksgiving (or any holiday) gathering of family at your house. And it’s even better if it’s at someone else’s house. You should definitely be up for showing major gratitude to the host. After all, between family spats, weird relatives, and the ones who just won’t leave – it’s a duty that few volunteer for. This year, bring a Thanksgiving hostess gift to show your gratitude (so that maybe they’ll continue to host and you won’t have to).Continue reading