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A Great Gift to Give: The Christmas Eve Box

A few years ago, I noticed a holiday tradition popping up on Pinterest, the Christmas Eve box. I’d never heard of it before and thought it was such a sweet way to make Christmas Eve even more special. Most of the boxes included a new set of PJs for Christmas night, some hot cocoa, and a book to settle in with. I eventually began giving my kids their own little Christmas Eve box, and it is one of the things they look forward to most. I often catch them spying under the tree daily to see if it’s shown up yet. This year I’m sharing what we’re including in our Christmas Eve boxes, what are you putting in yours?

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas
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15 No-Stress Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teen Boys

Shopping for teens can be tough, and for teen boys, it can be even worse. I never know if what I’m giving will be received with an approving “Cool. Thanks” or if I’ll get a nod with a slight smirk (which I assume translates to “Nice try”). At any rate, we do keep trying. Before scratching your head and sighing in defeat over what stocking stuffers to get for teen boys, grab this list of stocking stuffer ideas for teen boys and knock it out with a quick trip to Target.

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Christmas Cookies
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The Best Baked Gifts for Those of Us Who Aren’t Great at Baking

Every year during the holiday season, I try really hard to knock out all of my gift shopping and wrapping as early as possible. Why do I drive myself nuts in October and November? So that by December I can enjoy as much of the season as possible. One of my favorite things to do during the holidays pull up a holiday movie (It’s a Wonderful Life is my jam. Do people still say “my jam”? Probably not), pour a glass of wine, and bake something divine. The only problem with this is that I’m not exactly a great baker and sometimes things just don’t turn out. That’s okay because some of it does and when it does, it’s gift-worthy. Here are few of my absolute favorite, fool-proof baked goods to eat and give during the holidays:Continue reading

Christmas Planner Printable
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Grab this Christmas Planner Printable to Organize All the Little Things Left to Do

Inevitably, around oh, now, I start feeling a little overwhelmed. I panic that I’m forgetting something. I’m probably not forgetting anything, but the panic is there. As a frequent panicker (come on, you know it should be a word), I find it reassuring if I can just jot it all down. I tweaked a template in Canva to organize the tidbits that are left to do for Christmas (like make this cheap & easy gift). It’ll keep me relaxed, and I’ll feel even better as I check things off. Grab this Christmas Planner Printable below or make your own:Continue reading

Christmas Cookie Gift
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The Absolutely Darling Under $5 Under 5 minute Christmas Gift

It’s the season of giving. Big, small, lavish, or just right, it’s the time when we all have a gift to give. I love to give this particular cheap and easy Christmas gift to neighbors and friends, and it will also work as a hostess or teacher/bus driver/office gift. The best part? It takes five minutes and can be put together for under five dollars (hello, dollar store). Of course, you can make it as nice as you want, so get on it. Check out the five minute five dollar Christmas gift:Continue reading