Shopping for teens can be tough, and for teen boys, it can be even worse. I never know if what I’m giving will be received with an approving “Cool. Thanks” or if I’ll get a nod with a slight smirk (which I assume translates to “Nice try”). At any rate, we do keep trying. Before scratching your head and sighing in defeat over what stocking stuffers to get for teen boys, grab this list of stocking stuffer ideas for teen boys and knock it out with a quick trip to Target.

  1. Xbox/ PlayStation Game
  2. Athletic Socks
  3. Power Bank for Phone
  4. Earbuds / Earbud Case
  5. Phone Case
  6. Travel tissues / hand wipes / handsanitizer
  7. Sunglasses / Case
  8. Uno or playing cards
  9. Book / Magazine
  10. App Store / iTunes Gift Card
  11. Gym Towel
  12. Bananagrams
  13. Water Bottle
  14. Movie Theater Gift Card
  15. Gum/ Candy / Beef Jerky / Nuts
  16. Concert / Sports Tickets
  17. Beanie / Gloves
  18. Travel size toiletry items
  19. Wireless speaker
  20. Key Ring
  21. Sharpies / Pens / Pencils
  22. Tee Shirt
  23. Wallet
  24. Watch / Activity Tracker
  25. Cash! When in doubt, throw in some cash!

I always need more ideas. What are your stocking stuffer ideas for teen boys?