I’m trying to be better about saying thanks. From the tiny instances of someone holding the door to the bigger moments in the past of thanking my mom for being such an amazing force in my life. There’s something about gratitude that forces you to be mindful, isn’t there? Then there’s the whole having an “attitude of gratitude” thing that has real merit. When you decide to really live in gratitude, everything has the potential to change. In fact, by literally writing down one little (or big) thing I’m grateful for every day, I’m able to take a step back and really ground down into my life and appreciate everything in it. This got me thinking of how to express gratitude to others in meaningful (but easy!) ways. Here are 5 quick and easy thank you gifts to express your gratitude to someone.

  1. A nice potted orchid or other plants. I tend to steer away from the ones in the grocery store that aren’t already in a nice pot. Why? Because giving an orchid that needs to be potted, or one that needs to be placed inside a decorative pot just adds something to your recipient’s list of to-dos. The easy solution to this is buying one already in a pot (and not just in the plastic pots you’ll find at many grocery stores.) I found gorgeous options at Fresh Market as seen in the pic. You can also find amazing options at any floral shop.


    Fresh Market Orchid

  2. You can never (EVER) go wrong with a nice candle. Furthermore, it’s a gift that needs nothing from the recipient. They can just light it and enjoy. I like to go a little beyond with my candle gifts, giving the most luxurious option I can if possible. My favorites are this Capri Blue Volcano Candle, this Feu de Bois candle by Lafco, and this candle from Jo Malone in Orange Blossom.
  3. One of my favorite thank you gifts to hand deliver comes from a tiny chocolate shop in my town. They can wrap up an assortment of goodies in a gorgeous box. All I need to do is add a ribbon and tag and done. If you don’t have a chocolatier in your town, don’t sweat it. Grab a treat box from the gift wrap aisle of Hobby Lobby, package up a few incredible goodies from your favorite bakery (or make them yourself) and go. You can also order incredible treats online. I recently sent these AMAZING chocolates from Maggie Louise Confections to a friend as a thank you for hosting us over a weekend. Not into candy? Send Macarons from Ma-ka-rohn! Not into Macarons (Ummm, okay…) check out Etsy for an INCREDIBLE selection of decorated cookies. Who doesn’t love treats?
  4. A hand-written note. Gosh, this has become so hard for me and I cannot tell you why. I was raised to write a thank you note for ANYTHING. Yet here I am firing off a thank you text and calling it a day. No, no, nope. Okay fine, a text will work for many things. But a sweet, hand-written note will work for every single thing. Go buy some pretty stationery and a good pen, and write one. Telling someone how grateful you are for them, or for a gift or favor, is the best gift you can give.