There is no greater feat than holding a Thanksgiving (or any holiday) gathering of family at your house. And it’s even better if it’s at someone else’s house. You should definitely be up for showing major gratitude to the host. After all, between family spats, weird relatives, and the ones who just won’t leave – it’s a duty that few volunteer for. This year, bring a Thanksgiving hostess gift to show your gratitude (so that maybe they’ll continue to host and you won’t have to).


  1. A box of monogrammed soaps (exquisitely wrapped, of course). Grab a box of this box of monogrammed soap from Horchow or this box of monogrammed soap from Pottery Barn and boom! You’ve just given an incredible hostess gift (with very little effort, I might add).
  2. A sweet note and a gift card to yummy takeout. Who wants to cook the day after Thanksgiving (or the day after the leftovers run out)? Tell them you’re thankful, and then show them by springing for dinner sometime after the gathering.
  3. Don’t you dare show up empty-handed. Grab a nice dish towel like this one from West Elm or Thanksgiving-themed towel from World Market, wrap up the bottle, and then finish with a ribbon. Hostess gift, level expert.
  4. Sometimes, I like to get people things they might not splurge on. A splurge isn’t necessarily expensive, just something indulgent. Like these insanely-gorgeous pans from Williams Sonoma. I know right? Pans? Bear with me. Think about it, they’ll have these going forward for years to come and you just helped them up their game for Thanksgiving. If you just don’t want to give bakeware, fine. A fantastic platter like this one from Williams Sonoma will do!
  5. A nice potted plant (not a loose bunch of flowers the host then has to find a vase for!) Check out the options at Fresh Market, Whole Foods, your local florist, or online – like this GORGEOUS Gardenia topiary from or this gorgeous succulent wreath from Williams Sonoma.

Which one are you taking as your Thanksgiving hostess gift?