Where would we be without dear old Dad? I happened to have gotten very lucky in the dad department, so when it’s time to give him a gift, I try to make it a good one. Still, he’s not always easy to shop for. Why? Because he sticks with the dad-classic line, “Aww, the only gift I need this year is time with you and the family.” It gets me every time (wiping away tears). If you’ve got a dad like this one, raise your hand. Grab a few of these great gifts for dad and show him the love.

  1. Duffle with leather trim – Bric’s

My dad’s sad duffle bag looks like it’s been run over several times. One look at it the last time he visited and I knew just what to get him. This is a great choice – and at a really great price. It also pairs nicely with this spinner suitcase. Grab it before it sells out.

  1. ABC Pant – Lululemon

These are for your dad, so you don’t really need to explore what the ABC here stands for. Just know he’ll love them. I know a guy who will only wear these pants to work. Only. Available in several colors and several lengths, these might be the perfect pant for Dad. Go ahead and make him a LuLu addict too. It’ll be fine.

  1. Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

Cute, warm, and comfortable. This classic jacket still holds up on my list of gifts for dad. He’ll stay warm, he’ll love it, and you’ll be kid of the year. Win win!

  1. JBL Clip 3 Wireless Speaker

Some dads love to have music with them wherever they go. I got my dad-in-law this speaker to have on his dock at the lake. I got a similar one for my husband to use while doing yard work. They both love the heck out of it. It’s a great under $50 gift.

  1. Nike Dri-Fit Clothing

Around $25 and up
Help him fight Dad bod and enjoy what he’s wearing while working out. Specially made to help wick moisture away from the skin, he’ll stay dry and cool all the way through. These made my list this year.

  1. Pinch Provisions Gym Kit

Speaking of the gym, here’s an awesome little gift for Dad. Pinch Provisions are one of my favorite gifts and this is a great one to throw into anyone’s gym bag. Why? It’s tiny and holds all of the accessories you might forget to pack. The kit includes bandages, earbuds, socks, breath drops, nail clippers, a comb, pain reliever, blister balm, lip balm, hand lotion, deodorant towelette, and electrolyte tablets. Perfection!

  1. Burberry Joe London Check Leather Belt

My dad is not really into trends. It’s a struggle because he just doesn’t care that much. He wears his clothes clean and neat, but outside of that, he doesn’t bother. So, it falls to us girls to keep him looking sharp and somewhat 2018. If your dad is like my Dad, it’s a safe bet to buy classic items he can wear for years because he’ll be wearing them for years. You can’t go wrong with this gorgeous belt from Burberry.

  1. Patagonia Better Sweater

This is without a doubt one of my favorite gifts to give the men in my life. Why? It’s comfortable (they love it), it’s stylish, and it holds up (like everything else Patgonia). This is the gift to get the Dad that never wants anything because chances are, it’ll be his new favorite sweater/fleece.

  1. Sparq Whiskey Spheres

Keep his drink ice cold without watering it down. These are a great idea for a little gift when you’re all out of ideas. They’re neat, functional, and inexpensive.

  1. Maui Jim Men’s Red Sands Polarized Mirrored Rectangle Sunglasses

It’s your job to keep Dad looking good. Sorry to break the news to you like that. These are a great way to do just that. He’ll love the style, and the fact that they’re super comfortable will mean he’ll talk about them all the time. You win gift giving this year!

Any of these gifts will work when you have run out of ideas for Dad. Grab one and then share the ideas and love so Dad will have the best birthday / Christmas / Father’s Day ever.