Boo Bag

Halloween is the most wonderful time of the year. Okay, fine it’s one of the most wonderful times of the year. It is definitely the most fun time of the year. Between the parties, the trick or treating, the movies, and the Boo Bags, Halloween season is pure fun. The tradition of Boo Bags took off a few years ago, and it’s one of my favorite things to do.

My kids have a blast sneaking up to doors to deliver the treats, and I have a blast putting them together. Boo Bags are an easy and cheerful way to spread a little Halloween fun to neighbors and friends. You can make it as easy or as extra as you’d like, so get creative. Boo Bag Ideas Graphic

Want to make a great Boo Bag this year? All you need is:

  • Bag, bucket, or basket
  • “We’ve Been Boo’d” / “You’ve Been Boo’d” signs
  • Treats.

What to Include in Your Boo Bag

Need ideas for treats to include? We’ve got a few (head further down the page for shots of my bags):

  1. Halloween-themed paper products like plates and cups
  2. Halloween-themed pens,  pencils,  and erasers
  3. Halloween garland and small decorations
  4. Homemade chocolate pretzel rods or candy
  5. Notepads and sticky notes
  6. Glow sticks, bracelets, and/or necklaces
  7. Halloween-themed window cling decorations
  8. Halloween baking supplies
  9. Flashlight or headlamp
  10. Halloween-themed hand towel
  11. Dog or cat treats (if applicable)


Where to buy?

  • Always start at the Dollar Tree and the Dollar Spot at Target
  • World Market has an incredible selection of small things to include
  • Michaels Craft Stores

Grab this printable:


*I wanted to use black and white this year for ease of copying by the recipients. Run a quick search for many more awesome Boo signs. OR even better – get creative and make your own 🙂

This is shot of my bags this year, and the items I used:

Boo Bag


Short on time? I spotted these bags and signs at Target. You can grab everything you need (Thank you, Target!) and deliver tonight!

Happy Halloween!