Need an easy gift idea for a new pet? Read on. I’m knee-deep in all things puppy. For a little over three weeks, my home has gone from zero dogs, to one delightful/cute/criminal/sweet sugar baby of a dog. From crates to toys, puppy pads to shampoo, let’s say I’ve bought it all. After all, if it’ll make my life any easier right now (because puppies are hard, y’all) I’ll buy it.

Besides my sweet little sunshine of a dog, there have been a few other bright spots in the past few weeks. New puppy gifts I’ve received from friends. Maybe this isn’t something you’d do, if that’s the case, join us over on the next post, k?

If this is something you’d do, you’re in good company. Let me back up. I take my life with dogs seriously. I have planned and hoped for this particular dog for years. YEARS. Trust me when I tell you that my friends have heard (and heard) about how much I wanted this dog. When he fell into my lap, I wept. Yep, weirdo dog lady.

The day he came home, we had a puppy shower complete with petit fours and wine. Like I said, I’m serious about my doggos. And although I specified no gifts, gifts rolled in anyway, because I have sweet, thoughtful friends who are likely so relieved I finally have this dog so I’ll shut up.

Back to the gifts. I received several from sweet friends who weren’t in town to meet my new sweet boy. One of those was a box from Barkbox.

It was Egyptian themed and so much fun. A cobra chew toy, an Egyptian beetle chew toy, and several types of treats. It was even wrapped in fun Egyptian-themed paper. (Unfortunately, he got into it before I could take a good picture). So stinking cute, and such a great gift.


  • It’s easy. Head over to Barkbox, click on “Send a Gift” and Boom. Done. I plan on sending one for Christmas.
  • For a gift, it’s reasonably priced – it featured a great variety of items and is priced at $35. You can even upgrade to a larger box for more. Of course, the price decreases if you send a subscription of boxes.
  • The biggest value is this: ease. A few clicks and you’ve sent a very thoughtful gift to a new pet owner.