Presentation, presentation, presentation. You set the tone for a great gift with how you present it. There are so many creative ways to wrap gifts. Lush wrapping paper, gorgeous seagrass baskets, and fun metal buckets are just a few of the items you can use to package your gift and make it lovely.

I spend much of our time coming up with amazing gift ideas. I also spend lots of time developing creative ways to wrap gifts. Why? Because I think that makes a gift even more memorable and special.

Quick Strategy for Creative Ways to Wrap Gifts

After a lot of thought, I’ve narrowed beautifully presented gifts down to an effortless strategy of presenting a great gift every time. There are no limits to all the creative ways to wrap gifts, so go beyond the drugstore gift bag and have fun.

  1. The Gift (obviously) Whatever you’re giving, take a good look at the size and consider how you’ll package it. If it’s a very small item, consider grouping it with other items in a slightly larger wrapping base.
  2. The Base. What I call the base refers to what you’re putting your gift in (if anything). If you have a few small items, group them into a basket or bucket.
  3. The stuffing. No matter if you’ve chosen a basket or a box, you’ll want to stuff your base with something that helps your gift stand out when opened, and also cushions it from shifting. There are so many cute things to consider for this, from premium tissue paper to origami stars.
  4. Finishing trim – The final steps of beautifully presented gifts are any wrapping or trim you choose. With some baskets, you may want to consider clear wrap (especially if you want to contain multiple items). Spend some time on the Internet looking at premium papers, there are some amazing papers out there. And finally, trim your gift with luxurious velvet ribbon or cute twine. Add a tag or flair item, and DONE!